RINNEGAN - Crazy Contact Lenses ( Par)


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Naruto eyes -- RINNEGAN sharingan Crazy Contact lenses

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Spiral contact lenses are famous for costume parties and Halloween but these  VIOLET SPIRAL Obito's Rinnegan Eyes color lenses from Naruto animation are some of the most outstanding that you will find. These lenses are perfect to complete your Halloween or cosplay Obito costume and you will get congratulations from everybody for such a perfect touch.

These GEO CRAZY  VIOLET SPIRAL are Geo color lenses made by the leader manufacturer of medical lenses and costume lenses so you can be sure to wear quality items when having these accessories in your eyes. Geo lenses are also always voted most comfortable color lenses thanks to the material used to make these accessories that are some of the safest on the market. If you want to have the best Naruto costume for your next party we are sure that you will love these GEO CRAZY SF-77 VIOLET SPIRAL lenses but because they are so special you won't be able to wear them only for rare occasions and you will certainly feel like to put them in your eyes as often as possible.


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RINNEGAN - Crazy Contact Lenses ( Par)

RINNEGAN - Crazy Contact Lenses ( Par)

Naruto eyes -- RINNEGAN sharingan Crazy Contact lenses